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You're probably fed up with the guides that tell you how you can generate instant profits online, only to be directed to ridiculous survey sites that pay pennies per hour. Thankfully, there really are legitimate ways to make money online that don't take a lot of time, and in most cases, very little to no upfront investment. And that's what The Online Income Kit - Passive Residual Income is all about.

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Make extra income in your spare time from home.

Everyone worries about finances. And the desire to be financially independent drives all of us. Did you know that you can make passive, residual income right from your phone or computer? With The Online Income Kit - Passive Residual Income, we will show you legitimate online income opportunities that you can start doing today, with minimal investment.

This is not going to make you rich tomorrow, and you definately should not quit your job just yet. But it will give you the tools you need to start your own money making website or network of sites. And with a little time and effort, you can be making a steady stream of income.

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Everything you need to make money online.

The Online Income Kit - Passive Residual Income is packed with useful information and resources to start earning monthly passive income. Download it today and you'll learn:

  • How to Setup & Maintain Your Income Stream
  • Payment Collecting and Processing
  • How To Market your new online business through social media & blogging.
  • The different types of money making websites, and which ones will work better for you.
  • Choosing the right products to sell.
  • The Basics of Affiliate Marketing, when & where to make it work for you.

Kickstart Your Online Earning with 50 Products, included in our kit.

Imagine setting up your own website, selling a quality virtual product. (Much like the website you're on now.) There is no inventory to keep, & the customer gets their order delivered immediately.

The whole order fulfillment process is automated, and once set up, requires very little effort or maintenance on your part. That leaves you only having to worry about the marketing and advertising of your new money-making website.

We've included 50 products in our kit, and have given you a resale license to sell them. Selling virtual products is just one of the many methods we reveal in The Online Income Kit - Passive Residual Income, and it will help you kick-start your online income stream. But we encourage you to diversify your online income portfolio and make use of as many of the methods as you can.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I was laid off in March due to Covid-19, and I wanted a way to earn some money aside from unemployment. I purchased your product on March 27th, and received my first payment on April 6th. Fast forward a few months and I am now making a couple hundred dollars a week off of my new website. It's almost impossible for a new business to become profitable so quickly, but thanks to your method of minimizing overhead it looks like by June my website will be making almost $1500 a month.

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- Jackie Garcia
Miami Beach, FL

Learn How to Make Money

The online income kit has over 25 different methods of generating money online. Learn them all.

Start Your Online Business

The Online Income Kit - Passive Residual Income give you all the tools you need to succeed. Download it today.

Monitor Your Online Sales

The most rewarding part is watching your sales come in. There is no better feeling than picking the fruits of your labor.

Take control of your financial future.

We want you to be successful. Having financial independence is one of the best feelings in the world. And with enough time, patience, & effort, your online business will blossom into something that provides an endless stream of side revenue.

But I can't stress this enough, this is instant, effortless money. We're providing the tools and guidance you need, but the rest is up to you. Consider our income kit an investment in your own future. And as long as you stick with it, you'll be rewarded with endless revenue, and a feeling of gratification that something you made is making money.

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your own online business

Start your own online business today!

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